Winter Maintenance

Winter is a known culprit for all kinds of weather-related accidents each year. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, snow and ice removal is their top priority, and just on U.S. highways and state routes alone during the winter season of 2015, they used 278,000 tons of salt and 5.2 million gallons of salt brine to in order to keep roadways clear for motorists.

But winter hazards are not limited to driving. The Indiana Department of Insurance is all too familiar with the fact that extreme temperatures as well as winter storms can also cause snow-covered roofs to collapse; ice-heavy trees to fall onto a building, live power lines, or windows; and pipes can easily freeze and burst. Additionally, the Indiana Department of Health reminds us that walkways, steps, and porches must be kept snow and ice free so that you don’t slip and fall when getting in and out of your vehicle or when walking on foot for any length of time.

IMS-Feature-Areas1With prompt and routine snow removal at corporate, retail, industrial, institutional, hospital, or recreational facilities, you can minimize any traffic flow obstructions and building damage, while keeping you, your tenants and visitors out of harm’s way. After all, the safety of your facility at all times is essential.

While you can be proactive and take matters into your own hands to clear snow and ice yourself, Innovative Maintenance Solutions would love to save you the time and trouble, so you don’t have to! Our professional snow removal services include: plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and ice-melting of roads, walkways, entryways, and parking lots, and removing excess snow or ice from roofs and trees as needed. Let us provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that we are keeping your facility accessible to you, your tenants, and clientele throughout the winter months.

Determining Your Facility’s Needs
Well before a winter storm hits, advance planning is required. Because dropping temps and winter storms may happen with little notice, we encourage you to schedule an estimate with Innovative Maintenance Solutions so that you can be ready. During the estimate, we will meet with you to survey the size and scope of the landscape and softscape surrounding your facility, and then match our available manpower with the required equipment (such as shovels, plows, trucks, loaders, salt, ice-melt) and determine the length of time it will take to complete the job to your satisfaction. Adjustments to that timeline may be made upon the review and comparison of any previous snow removal plans you may have used before, problem areas for us to concentrate on (such as poor drainage sites, uneven ground, length of walk ways, number of entry ways, or close-set trees nearest the facility), and the specific snow removal services you would like Innovative Maintenance Solutions to do. By monitoring all snow and ice events before, during, and after they occur, we will provide you with the best snow removal plan for your facility this winter.

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