The top three uses of energy for commercial properties are space heating, lighting and space cooling, which could represent as much as one-third of its typical operating costs. Energy conservation practices can amount to huge savings in building operating costs, as well as increase property value and enhance the comfort of tenants and employees.

Performing a routine energy and lighting audits may not sound glamorous, but they can help benchmark your current energy use, identify areas of waste and prioritize the actions to take.

Below are some 8 useful tips property and building managers can take to save energy, reduce waste and decrease operating costs.Zoned Thermostats

  • Adjusting thermostats. Set back thermostats in the evenings and other times when the building is unoccupied. “Zoning” areas of the commercial property so heating/cooling costs are kept in check
  • Turn off lights and power down equipment. Turn off lights, computers, monitors and copiers (or put them in sleep mode) when not in use or when natural daylight can be used. A general rule is that a light should be off when no one is present. Install automatic occupancy sensor-room-lighting controls.
  • Evaluate existing HVAC systems. Ensure that your HVAC systems, thermostats, hot water tanks, pumps, piping and air filters, are maintained and operating as efficiently as possible. Perform regular maintenance to keep your heating and air conditioning systems running more efficiently.
  • Install programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats can automatically control temperature settings and save energy. If you already have them installed, check for “operational stray” from these settings resulting from one-time resets or software glitches.
  • Upgrading Lighting. A low-hanging fruit for energy-consumption savings is installing high-efficiency lighting. Update your lighting fixtures, e.g. replace or repair ballasts. Swap out those incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • Install window film. Blinds aren’t enough to keep a room safe from the effects of UV rays. Warehouse lightingBy installing a window film for glass panes on windows and doors, it will block out harmful UV rays, glare, and keep rooms cooler.
  • Conserve energy with shady trees. In summer, the right trees can provide shade from the warm Sun, and in winter shield the building from the wind. Plant silver birch or Japanese maples, dogwood, or ash trees for best shade coverage and see up to a 20% reduction in your energy bill.
  • Use Energy Star products. Build an energy program with Energy Star™ products for savings and efficiency in any industry, and earn Energy Star certification and recognition for your building and your company.

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