Let’s face it; paint generally fades and can start peeling over time giving your commercial property an unkept and uncared for appearance. The first impression of your business occurs when your customer arrives at your company’s front door. Five years is commonly accepted as the most economic paint cycle for commercial facilities. However, natural elements, such as sunlight and wind, and other factors can shorten its life. And when paint starts to peel, it allows water to get behind the paint causing it to peel even more and possibly creating more damage.commercial painter

Either way, by following these tips, you can keep your paint job looking like new throughout the full lifetime of your investment.

  • Check your painted surfaces a couple of times a year, especially after severe weather conditions.
  • Pressure washing can help remove dirt, dust, pollen, etc. and keep your paint job looking fresh between full repaints.
  • Look for openings in your parapit wall caps. The edge of roofs with parapet walls are commonly vulnerable to leaks if not flashed correctly.
  • Caulking may expand and contract with the weather. Inspect the caulking in control joints and window and door openings for cracks or delaminating.
  • Maintain rails and other external attachments on your property as they can start to show age with time as paint chips.
  • Ensure rain gutters are kept clean and seams properly sealed.
  • Landscape should be keep away from buildings, as they may keep the building damp which could lead to mold issue or peeling paint.
  • Trees and bushes should be trimmed away from hitting the building during windy days. Continually beating against your building can wear down your paint.
  • Don’t delay any necessary maintenance if your paint is peeling or wood is exposed.

A quality paint job will bring new life to your exterior, and when properly care for, can last for years. Whether your needs are a full repaint or maintenance work like pressure washing, call Innovative Maintenance Services at 317-626-3727 if you would like a free estimate or inspection.

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