How do you know it is time for you to hire a new commercial landscape provider? Routine lawn care and landscape maintenance is crucial in every season. If your current provider is not giving your property the attention it needs, it is probably time to move on. You want your property to look inviting, safe, and professional at all times.

Here are some signs that you might need a new a new landscape maintenance provider:

No routine.  As a property manager, you are responsible for a multitude of things and upkeep of the grounds may be at the bottom of your list. However, you know your basic landscaping needs and find that they are not being met. The right commercial landscaper can provide you with crews to help you prepare, monitor, clean-up and keep your grounds aesthetically appealing on a regular basis. You start seeing grass infrequently mowed, trees not pruned or flower beds full of weeds, then perhaps it’s time to kick start a search for a more reliable service.

Lack of creative design.  Commercial landscape design is a form of branding. Your landscape design should match the professional, respectable and successful image your company is trying to portray. Landscape designs go in and out of style, and it’s important that your grounds stay in vogue. A new landscape maintenance provider can provide a fresh perspective on balancing the beauty and function of your commercial landscape.

Lack of sustainability. Landscape management also includes a deliberate focus on reducing or eliminating waste and adverse impact on the environment. Techniques such as using a mulch mower to reduce grass clippings, audit irrigation systems to reduce water usage, soil testing to determine fertility programs, organic fertilizer applications to support biologically active soils – to name a few – are ways a commercial landscape provider can make your landscaping process more environmentally friendly.

Lack of attention. Complacency is a major drawback when working with some folks for extended periods of time. A new provider can bring you options to which you may be unaware, such as turf management, water features and state-of-the-art irrigation techniques.

Well-kept lawns are one of the most critical aspects of your commercial property’s visual presence. Are you ready for a change? Call Innovative Maintenance Solutions for a FREE commercial landscape assessment today at (317) 626-3727 or email:


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