Has a snowy or icy season wreaked havoc to your landscape?  Are your curbs and sidewalks crumbling?  Is your parking lot or the road(s) leading up to your commercial property riddled with cracks or potholes?  Are signposts, light fixtures, or mailboxes falling over?  Do you see a build-up of mildew stains coloring the outside walls or fences?

Unfortunately, the frigid temperatures, the amount of snow or ice and the excessive moisture from winter storms, combined with snow removal can take their toll on the integrity of your facility.  Sod, plants, trees, roofs, fixtures, cement and asphalt surfaces can all break loose, rot, or need to be restored from plowing, shoveling, salting, and de-icing by the season’s end.

But just as important to consider is any interior damage that may or may not be as noticeable to you.  However, failure to have any repairs, both inside or out, can quickly turn into larger problems in the future, and run the risk of compromising the health and safety of your tenants, employees, and visitors.  Additionally, impaired workspaces project Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jetan overall lack of professionalism in the building’s appearance and can lead to decreased morale among all who visit or work there, driving down your business.

Suggested building maintenance or facility management services to conduct in spring, include:

  • Pressure washing the siding, concrete or wooden porches and patios, and pavement or sidewalks to remove stubborn dirt, salt, oil, stains or mildew
  • Replacement of any burned out or broken lighting or fixtures
  • HVAC system tune up so it is ready for warmer weather and duct airflow is not impeded
  • Sod installation to edges of sidewalks or lawn to fill in uneven areas
  • Planting and fertilizing of new or existing trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Repair of any broken or decaying railings, steps, signage, mailbox posts, or doors
  • Patching, sweeping, paving, or striping parking lot or roads
  • Painting the exterior or interior of the building
  • Window washing
  • Repairing roof or gutter damages
  • Renovating or designing new space and/or rooms
  • Janitorial services commercial cleaning

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