Snow removal – now? In mid-May? We are barely through spring! However, winters in the Midwest can be rough and unpredictable with bone-chilling cold spells and all of that snow. Those are times when you will want and need a snow management professional. Snow and ice removal are big jobs that merit advanced planning for potential harsh winters. Waiting until December to contract for snow removal could be too late, as contracts can quickly fill up for the next snow season.IMS Snow Removal

So why is reliable snow removal so important? Surfaces covered with snow and ice are a major safety hazard that can lead to injuries, crashes, and property damage if left unattended. The best way to avoid these risks, as well as the liability, is to hire a reliable snow management professional.

Having a plan in place ahead of the bad weather helps to ensure that your business continues with little disruption. Customers and clients are more likely to visit your establishment if access to your front door is maintained and snow-free.

Some tips and important considerations as you prepare your business for winter:

  • Have your property analyzed and inspected to determine what services and materials best fit your needs.
  • Have a communication plan ready to share in the event of bad weather with your employees, customers and clients, especially those who have a role in snow removal.
  • Review any problems or issues you had in the past and plan accordingly to avoid during the next snow season.
  • Position markers or stakes with reflectors to mark boundaries, ditches, medians, shut-off valves, and fire hydrants – things that tend to get buried and need to be seen by snow plows.
  • Evaluate areas where the snow will need to be stacked to determine if landscaping needs to be modified in the fall, for example do tree branches need to be trimmed.
  • Be sure your snow management team has a back-up plan in case snow plows or other equipment break down.

There is a lot to think about well in advance of winter. Typical winter management services Innovative Maintenance Solutions can provide are: snow plowing, ice management, snow stacking, snow removal, and sidewalk shoveling and ice control to commercial and corporate properties of all sizes throughout the Midwest. Our team has more than 65 years of combined snow and ice management experience throughout the Midwest.

Innovative Management Solutions is prepared to ensure safety and has the ability to deliver superior operations to help make your next winter stress-free. Contact us today to discuss your commercial snow removal options and needs for the upcoming 2016-17 winter season.

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