Has Your Building or Building’s Maintenance Become Overwhelming?

Facility operations and maintenance at any facility can never be underestimated. Maintaining a commercial facility, whether it be a warehouse or office space, can present many challenges. Disrepair doesn’t wait to strike! When repair problems or general maintenance issues spring up – in addition to the regular daily duties – an entire workday can completely derail. Regardless of size and scope, it is vital that every facility implement a strategy for effective planned maintenance.

Facility maintenance is often times constrained by real world budgets. Routine day-to-day tasks are weighed against preventative maintenance that pays off only over the long run. However, when issues become too big to tackle or the ‘to-do’ list isn’t shrinking, contracting a commercial building maintenance service to help with issues can help to save time, money and keep things running smoothly.

A maintenance service company can provide a customized maintenance schedule that plans, forecasts, budgets and schedules repairs, fixes and installations for your facility. The goals would include:

  • Customize all maintenance services to meet needs and focus on the services the facility requires.
  • Extend life expectancy of assets by keeping everything working at its best
  • Provide safe, functional systems and facilities.
  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and repairs. Ongoing maintenance keeps a facility in good order and saves money at the same time.
  • Prevent costly large-scale repairs that can be dangerous if left unattended.

Modern commercial buildingA single facility encounters a range of issues such as HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing, roofing, fire protection and carpentry. Forget the adage that if something isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. Regular, preventive maintenance keeps a facility in peak condition while avoiding emergency repairs.

Companies have noted that with well-planned preventive maintenance programs, an organization can enjoy minimal unplanned downtime, minimal manufacturing interruptions from breakdowns, maximum product quality and longer machine life spans.

Innovative Maintenance Solutions can help you set up the most effective preventive maintenance plan for your company or organization. To find out more, please call us directly at 317-626-3727.


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