An HVAC system is a big investment. It’s expected to provide heating and cooling services for a long time. But, just like other equipment, it’s prone to the effects of wear and tear. For one, making it produce extreme heat or cold temperatures forces the unit to work much harder. The stress will take its toll over time.

Now you don’t want to lose its service in times when you most need it, right?

This is where HVAC preventive maintenance comes into the picture. As a homeowner, landlord, or building owner, you must be thinking whether hiring a contractor for the job is worth it. It is! The biggest benefits of preventive maintenance done by professionals include long-term savings, optimum performance of your HVAC system, and peace of mind.

By keeping your unit maintained well, you can avoid spending for expensive emergency repairs. This is important, in particular, if you own a business that offers accommodations. You don’t want your customers to experience a malfunctioning air conditioner or furnace on a regular basis. It’s bad for your customer relations.

Benefits of Having Your HVAC System Maintained by Innovative Maintenance Solutions

Here are some of the main advantages of working with reliable contractors like Innovative Maintenance Solutions for your HVAC preventive maintenance needs:

• Better Energy Efficiency – When maintained to perform at optimum levels, your HVAC system will be more energy-efficient. This will result in significant savings in energy, emissions, and costs of anywhere from 10% to 40%. The cost of maintenance is nothing compared to the cost of future repairs and replacement over time.

• Lower Repair Costs – A regular maintenance schedule can reduce your potential cost for downtime repairs by as much as 90%. While emergency repair situations may not be completely eliminated, preventive maintenance can help avoid a lot of unexpected emergency repairs and replacement.

• Better Air Quality – Dirty parts in your AC unit like coils and blower components can affect the quality of your indoor air. This may result to the build-up of fungi, pollen, and bacteria. Members of your household would be exposed to health hazards because of inhaling polluted air – even when they are supposed to be safe inside your home. Contaminated air can cause eye, throat, and nose irritation, flu-like symptoms, and asthma attacks. By cleaning the different components of your HVAC system, you reduce the risk of airstream contamination. This will result to a healthier and happier household.

• Longer Useful Life for Your HVAC Unit – Your equipment is forced to work harder for longer periods of time if you allow it to accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. This will lead to early burnout, and shutdown. Regular maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment. It’s therefore a lot smarter to spend money on prevention now than spend a fortune later.

Final Word

Like in most other things in life, prevention is better than cure. This holds true in preventive HVAC maintenance. You’ll not only save money by preventing possible equipment problems in the future. You’ll also have sufficient time to apply the necessary repair work before weather changes like summer and winter, when you need your equipment to be working at full throttle. Contact Innovative Maintenance Solutions now to schedule an appointment.

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