Spring has sprung, and now is a great time to start planning for spring flowers and spring cleanup for your commercial property. The harsh Midwestern winter and severe cold may have taken its toll on your property’s landscape. Having a nicely landscaped commercial property enhances the aesthetic appearance of the grounds for great curb appeal. Reviewing your commercial landscaping needs are crucial steps to maintaining that desired curb appeal.

Here are some tips to help assess your spring landscaping needs:

  • Check the conditions of hardscapes, roads, walkways and parking lots. Look for potential trip hazards, like broken or loose paving stones needing replacing. Roads and parking lots may have potholes needing repair.
  • Shoveling, plowing of snow and salt may have caused damage to shrubs, ground cover and curbing. Landscaping elements may have been physically displaced, like gravel or mulch.
  • Any debris will need to be cleaned up before the first mowing, as well as prepare the ground for mulching and planting.
  • Perform a thorough check of the irrigation systems and look for any damage from winter freezing. Make sure the valves, controller and timer settings are in proper working order and setLawn Sprinkler Spraying Water Over Green Grass accordingly. Check that nothing is blocking the nozzles and sprinkler heads and that there is adequate water pressure.
  • Evergreens may need liquid fertilization to bounce back to health from the winter exposure to cold temperatures.
  • Check the property for dead plants and tree limbs that may have become dislodged or broken from the weight of heavy snow and ice.
  • Look at your flower containers and replace any that are no longer functional.
  • Add new flowers will give the landscape a refreshed appearance.

If you need any assistance with getting your commercial property ready for Spring, Innovative Maintenance Solutions can help you put a plan into action and play a key role in helping you navigate the critical spring kick-off. We provide a wide variety of professional services to commercial property owners throughout the Midwest. Our maintenance programs include seasonal clean ups, garden maintenance, pest management, turf and shrub health care and much more.

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