You may well be trying to remove snow from your driveway before you know it, despite the fact that in many parts of the country summer is lingering on. It’s essential to have a reliable snow removal management team in place before the white stuff starts to fall; once the snow is on the ground it’s usually too late to organize something. Having a plan ahead of time guarantees the safety and comfort of employees and customers and is a must for any customer facing business.

However, it isn’t always easy to know which snow management service to choose, especially if you haven’t used one before. The following tips can help you to make the right choice.

Why a Snow Management Service is Important

In a typical year, contracting a good snow management company to get rid of the ice and snow from your place of business is actually one of the most sensible financial decisions you can make, although many people just don’t take it seriously, thinking “It’s only snow!” Indiana can experience snowfall during 5 months of the year, making a snow management service seem very relevant, especially when you think about it in terms of preventing serious injuries.

Consider the following if you still aren’t convinced:

* A slip and fall accident on your premises seriously injures a client or customer.

* It’s not uncommon for a financial settlement to follow, and this can be large to the point of seriously affecting the financial stability of your company.

* You may find you use your entire exterior maintenance budget taking care of snow removal yourself, if you aren’t using a service.

* Your facility may be forced to slow down, or even stop altogether if it snows really heavily.

Knowing these risks is the job of a professional snow manager, and snow removal companies successfully deal with these challenges. It’s a big part of what they do.

Finding a Reliable Snow Management Service Company

It isn’t too early to start looking for a reliable company sometime in September; not leaving it until the last minute means you will be better prepared.

You can save time even before you talk to potential companies, by having a plan that narrows down your search results of suitable companies. You can make the pre-qualification process easier by creating a “Request for Information” document.

Draft an RFP (Request for Proposal) after you’ve identified just what your needs will be. Make sure you include a scope of work that clearly indicates how your property should appear after the snow removal has been carried out.

Take advantage of the best practices checklist issued by the Snow and Ice Management Association. This can give you a head start in the process, and ensure that any work you contract is carried out by a professional and experienced company.

A good snow management service should take your concerns seriously, and voice theirs, and provide an on-time service and share the liability.

Make sure of the following before entering into any contract with the snow removal company you have in mind:

* Service levels that are clearly spelled out are used to ensure an equitable risk is in the contract.

* Loading bays, handicap parking areas, and any other priority areas of your premises are clearly indicated as such.

* Knowing exactly when the snow removal will commence in the event of a snow event should be clearly indicated and agreed on.

* Billing and service requirements are agreed upon by both parties, and clearly documented in the contract.

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