This time of year, the Midwest frequently experiences severe storms that may produce Stormsheavy winds, hail, rain, lightning, and even tornadoes. As a result, you may be faced with widespread power outages, and hail, wind, or water damage to your commercial property. However, there are things you can do to minimize those damages so that no storm catches you by surprise – and Innovative Maintenance Solutions is here to help you put your plan of action together.

Below are 5 steps to prevent costly storm damage:

  1. Prune and plant only those trees best suited to the area. Mature trees that are leaning over can be more likely to fall –but so can trees with shallow roots, or ones planted too close to the facility; and leaving overgrown branches untrimmed puts you at risk for the trees to fall over entirely or lose their branches. Trees and branches can then fall on top of cars in the parking lot, power lines, or onto (or into) your facility by way of the roof or windows!
  2. Maintain proper drainage and have gutters cleaned regularly. Flooding can quickly occur in areas where low-lying water is allowed to collect. Something simple as angling the downspout away from the building, possibly toward the shrubs or trees, or using pavers made from asphalt, gravel, brick, or concrete can cut down on how much water collects on our property before it becomes mosquito breeding grounds. If uneven landscape, soil erosion or gutter repairs and cleaning are needed at your facility, IMS can provide you with an on-site estimate and offer suggestions for other aspects of your landscape that can be changed in order to ensure proper drainage and safeguard it from potential flooding.
  3. Add wind-resistant features to your building’s entryways, roof, and overhangs or shutters. Make the facility less prone to structural damage by using fasteners, straps, and coverings or anchors to ensure your tenants’ safety.
  4. Make routine repairs in a timely manner. Any loose or broken parts from your facility’s structure can become dangerous projectiles that can hurl back towards the building, striking windows, people or anything else in their path.
  5. Check all windows and doors for proper seals and replace them as needed. Without this, you could risk water, rust or mold damage.

IMS has several services available to help with keeping your building and tenants safe! Don’t wait until the next storm – contact us today for an estimate of your property’s needs by phone at 317.626.3727 or email us today.

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