Asphalt and concrete roads are not permanent. The daily pressure of automobile and truck traffic along with concrete spalling and freeze/thaw cycles with asphalt exerted by speeding tires or walking shoes subject them to wear and tear. From time to time asphalt and concrete need upkeep and repairs.

Check out the three things you need to consider when thinking of updating your establishment’s driveway or pavement, and see why Innovative Maintenance Solutions is the right company to solve your pathway problems.

1. Credibility of the Maintenance Company

Choosing the right company to do the repairs for you is essential. It’s the single most important factor that will determine the success or failure of the repairs.

Visit the company’s website to see their goals and values. Read reviews about the company. Avoid reading one-star ratings with highly heated language. Those are written by angry customers and are not objective.

Innovative Maintenance Solutions has garnered many rave reviews over the years. We are happy to know that our commitment to provide excellent service is appreciated by our customers. Their feedback is our joy and the confidence of our future clients.

2. Expertise of the Employees

Five-star rating is not enough reason to hire a company. The stars may have been given years before. Make sure to research who their current team members are, or at least the company’s administrators. Check their credentials. How long have they been with the company? Where did they receive their training? Experience, professionalism, and integrity should be exhibited in their profiles.

Our company is a team of two, Jeff Heller and Brian Puckett. Jeff has an MBA in Operations Management and Information Systems from Northern Illinois University. He has 10 years of experience in Facilities Management. He is also one of the 3 Certified Snow Professionals in Indiana. Brian has earned his Bachelor’s degree Major in Business from Park University, and has 15 years of experience in management.

3. Services Offered by the company

After checking the trustworthiness of both the company and its employees, the next step is to look at the list of their services.

Innovative Maintenance Solutions offers asphalt and concrete repair and upkeep services:

Asphalt services:

1. Seal Coating

This is the process of coating the asphalt pavement with a protective material. It extends the life of the pavement by shielding it from damag caused by water, ultraviolet rays, and others factors.

2. Lot Striping

This refers to painting lines and symbols in parking spaces. These visual aids are important for the safety of cars and people.

3. Milling and Overlay

With this method, two inches of damaged asphalt surface are removed and replaced by a new surface.

Concrete Services:

1. General Repairs

We repair concrete stairs, floors, and walls. We can fix cracks and even sunken holes!

2. Installing Concrete Pads

Concrete Pads are concrete slabs that are placed underneath surfaces to support heavy materials.

3. Curb Repair

Curbs are vital concrete installations that can be damaged due to use and abuse.

4. Installing New Sidewalks

Setting up sidewalks, sidewalk protectors, and sidewalk markings are some of our company’s specialty services.

5. Providing Parking Bumpers

Our company provides strong and durable parking bumpers that will need less repair if maintenance is kept diligently.

By choosing a trustworthy company with skilled employees and a variety of services such as ours, you can get your pavements checked and fixed in the most cost-effective and professional manner.


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